What to eat
at Balaton Sound?

https://cdn.balatonsound.com/cd99co/9b87/nl/media/2018/06/vega.png   Vegetarian

https://cdn.balatonsound.com/cd99co/9b87/nl/media/2019/06/vegan.png   Vegan

https://cdn.balatonsound.com/cd99co/9b87/nl/media/2018/06/gluten.png   Gluten-free

https://cdn.balatonsound.com/cd99co/9b87/nl/media/2018/06/lactose.png   Lactose-free

https://cdn.balatonsound.com/cd99co/9b87/nl/media/2019/06/sugar.png   Sugar-free

Zing Burger&Co

Perfectly grilled, juicy patty, crispy bacon, melted cheese and of course burger sauce - that'll end up on your elbows, but that's the best part of it! Look for Hungary's favorite burger before, during and after concerts!

Kobe Sausages

The Original Kolbice is a unique streetfood experience. Freshly fried crispy sausages, creamy cheese sauce, roasted onion and bacon served in a crispy bread cone. Mix them as you wish or try this summer’s favorite: the Kolbites RETRO!

BITE food truck

We offer in this festival season our superfine chicken sandwiches with different toppings! If you want to have some fast and filling food, choose the BITE Food Truck!


We are waiting for you at the ALDI Grill Zone, where you can choose from our barbecue menu made with fresh ALDI ingredients. If you would like to relax between two acts, you can also visit our ALDI Chill Zone.

Waffle Dog

We're putting your favorite chocolate bar into waffle dough,and bake it...for 3 minutes,and then we put different sauces and toppings on it..delicious!


If you are getting hungry, you don’t have to miss your favourite artist at the stage. With our unique walking box solution you can enjoy the best concerts while eating and drinking during the festival.

Peter’s Hot-dog

Peter’s American Hot-dog is the best Hot-dog in the World.

Pizza staff

Hot pizza! Take away!


The café of the festivals.

Pek Snack

Fresh, locally roast specially baked products such as delicious pizzas, muffins, donuts, salty and sweet pastries. Perfect during any time of the day, let it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.