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What is it about?

Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign is a volunteer program that kicked off in 2018. Due to its success, it will continue as a permanent service at the festival. The program’s goal is to minimize health, safety, and technical issues at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, on-site presence, and advice from recognised professionals.

How does it work?

In the program, we will be working with a team of 100 international and Hungarian volunteers, who will all take part in a 3-day training session right before the festival.

There are two types of volunteers: those who will work in pairs at three Safety First points at the festival site, and others that will patrol and monitor areas connected to each of the three points. The volunteers’ main task will be to act as a “third eye” to health, technical and security service personnel on-site, and to help complement their work in making the festival as safe as possible.

Volunteers will work in 6-hour shifts, providing a permanent presence throughout the festival at all times.

International recognition in 2020

We are proud to say Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) 2020. For that, we cannot thank our volunteers enough, as it is something we wouldn’t have been able to achive without them!

Looking for challenges? Or the best summer of your life?

Applications are now open for Summer 2020! If you’re seeking an adventure, would like to be part of an internationally recognised program and are eager to experience what it’s like to be behind the scenes of one of Hungary’s biggest music festivals, then our Festival Volunteer program is for you! Application deadline: April 30, 2020

To apply specifically for the Balaton Sound Safety First volunteer program, please choose ’Safety First’ as your working area after clicking the ’Apply’ button below
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