Heineken Balaton Sound, one of Europe’s largest and most colorful open-air electronic beach festivals, is finally here! Witness how the pulseless beach turns into a center of the Fashion Catwalk at the Festivalbeach. Check out here who will take care of this glowing turntables.

Márk Lakatos

Heineken Balaton Sound’s amazing location can be more perfect with a tue fashion/style venue. I’ve been working with the team for years to organise fashion shows at Sound and worldwide and now my dream came true: the Fashion HUB at the Festivalbeach, which will be the most stylish spot of the festival. All fashionista Sounders are welcome with cool activities, fashion brands, DJs, hair and make-up artists.



Two siblings, living in two cities, had a shared vision to build a brand around two concepts:

Individuality: Our brand is centered around hoodies that can be worn by everyone, but are not just for anyone. We aim to capture elements of both fast-paced New York City and laid-back Los Angeles in every product, but need you to fill them with your personality to make them your own. As long as you wear the hoodie and not the other way around, you are one of us.

Unity: We aim to unify the people wearing our hoods. We are a circle of creatives who have ideas, vision, confidence and a statement to make. Members are encouraged to pursue their passion while being part of something bigger. Together, we are changing the game one hood at a time.

We are not a society, community or clique. We are the hooded staff. Hooded staff & Balaton sound partnered up this year to create your perfect festival attire. The limited collaboration collection features bright neon colors and bold prints that will make you stand out even in the biggest crowds. It features tank tops, t-shirts and hoodies so make sure you check it out and get your favorite item to be festival ready.



Imagine a world where you are free to be yourself, breaking the chains of conventions. You are an Unrealist, a visionary driven by innovation, thirsty to make a change. Can you see it? This is [UNREAL]. We are a society of young rebels, visionaries with dreams, not just understanding the world, but ready to improve it. Step by step, we believe in a better tomorrow. Welcome to [UNREAL]. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

The purpose of [UNREAL] is to make you think.

[UNREAL] builds its own, deep and mysterious world which is inspired by thoughts of the youth and holds a mirror to the conventions. A lifestyle that you can never really “age out”. We are developing a sustainable, high quality, well-distributed, globally recognized streetwear brand with the aim of collaboration with international partners.

Not only bring they the coolest street sets to the Fashion shows, but also the biggest music sets to the Fashion HUB. Check out the [UNREAL] Stage timetable here.



ANNA AMÉLIE is a Budapest based fashion and lifestyle brand with a unique sense of creativity. Anna Oláh – the founder and head designer – was born into an artist family and her goal is to merge fashion with fine arts to create wearable contemporary art pieces. The brand started in 2011 with high quality leather bags and small accessories, but throughout the years extended it’s lineup with clothing, jewelry, designer home goods, art prints and much more. In 2023 the first international ANNA AMÉLIE store opened in Mykonos, Greece – the world famous holiday destination which attracts the lovers of gorgeous beaches, the Greek island vibe, and a lively nightlife.


Makeup by NYX

NYX Professional Makeup is an affordable, professional makeup brand with values that include empowering emerging talent, building cohesive communities, and entertaining through collaborations. The brand’s tagline is “Proud Artistry For All”, and its philosophy is to reduce gender bias and celebrate diversity.

Visit their booth at Balaton Sound, where professional make-up artists will conjure up a festival make-up for you, and you can also participate in a prize draw to win valuable gifts!



The same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.

Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available, KEVIN.MURPHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment.


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