Heineken Balaton Sound 2024

When will Balaton Sound Festival 2024 be happening?

The Heineken Balaton Sound Festival 2024 will happen between 3-6 July 2024. The first day is Wednesday and the last is Saturday (the party finishes Sunday morning).

Can I purchase tickets and festival extras for Heineken Balaton Sound Festival 2024?

The webshop is open, get a 4-day pass, a 3-day pass or day tickets now! VIP tickets & upgrades, campsites, accommodations and hotel offers are also available. Check them all here.

Who will be performing at Heineken Balaton Sound Festival 2024?

Marshmello, Paul Kalkbrenner, Timmy Trumpet, James Hype, Purple Disco Machine, Lost Frequencies, Will Sparks, John Newman, Nico Moreno, Nervo, Ben Nicky, Switch Disco and many more to come.

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Useful info

What is the check-in process?

You can get your wristbend with your voucher you received from us (the barcode/QR code should be shown to our staff at the Entrance in your mobile wallet, in pdf on your phone or on paper – good quality is a must) via the check-in process at the Main Entrance Ticket Exchange Point.
The check-in will ensure the personalization of the wristbands. Your vouchers (with a barcode/QR code) that you’ve received when purchasing your tickets for Heineken Balaton Sound are not personalized (they do not indicate a name).

What are the opening hours of the Festival & other venues?

Festival Area
Festival area opens: 3 July, 16:00 CET
Festival area closes: 7 July, 08:00 am

Merch – The official Festival Shop
3 July 14:00 – 04:00
4 July 09:00 – 04:00
5 July 09:00 – 04:00
6 July 09:00 – 06:00

VIP Venues
Urban Jungle VIP
3 July 16:00 – 03:00
4 – 6 July 15:00 – 03:00

Oasis VIP
19:00 – 06:00

VIP Sunset Beach
3 July 16:00 – 21:00
4 – 6 July 11:00 – 21:00

3 July 10:00 – 7 July 12:00
Early move-in (with move-in ticket) from 2 July 16:00

​Safety @ Balaton Sound

We pay special attention to the safety of visitors.
At the entrances, a camera ‘check-in’ system helps to recognize if not the authorized user wants to enter with the issued wristband. Safe entertainment is provided by security and medical staff, and we work with the police and the Counter-Terrorism Centre.
– Before leaving, you should review the list of items that can and cannot be brought to the festival. At the security check at the entrance, objects that cannot be brought in will be filtered out for your safety.
– Be sure that you have a photo ID with you while entering, you will need this to receive your wristband.

Please leave at home

It is forbidden to bring glass objects, hitting and cutting tools or any other object that threatens the physical well-being of others within the venue! Drones can only be brought into the Event area or flown from outside if the visitor has the prior written permission of Sziget.

It is also forbidden to bring in narcotics, pyrotechnic devices, glass objects, umbrellas, objects or tools containing explosive, poisonous or flammable materials (e.g. cooking utensils operated by gas), firearms, knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, gas sprays, expandable batons, metal chains over 50 cm in length, throwing stars, slingshots and other items posing a special threat to public safety as defined in relevant laws and regulations. Such products must be handed over to the security service for inspection at the entrance.

What about food, alcohol and tobacco?

Should the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service declare a heat emergency, you may bring water, mineral water soft drink or energy drink in a reasonable quantity necessary to satisfy their own personal needs.
In all other cases, you can bring one PET bottle containing a maximum of 2.5 litres of bottled water or soft drink, however energy drink is not allowed. You can only bring empty plastic jugs.
You can bring in food in a non-consumptional quantity.
Tobacco products: cigarettes max. 20 packs, cigars max. 10 cigarillos, 10 cigars (regardless of size).
If you exceed the limit the remaining products should be handed over to the security service for at the entrance.

I’ve got a VIP ticket. What are the benefits?

Separate VIP lane at the entrance.
Entrance to the terrace of the Main Stage, from where we can enjoy concerts and special VIP services with a magnificent view. Table booking: +36307975454
Entry to the independent VIP area next to the B stage.
Separated VIP beach on the shore of Balaton.

VIP services:
– Exclusive bars and counters
– Terrace with a view of the stage.
– Toilet just for VIP guests.

Good to know about the weather

During Balaton Sound, the weather is usually particularly good: sunshine and summer heat, but rain and storm can also occur. It is worth finding out about the expected weather in advance, and accordingly bring sunscreen, swimwear, and anything else you might need on a summer day. Be sure to bring a raincoat, rubber boots and warm clothes, because the festival will be held even in bad weather!
In case of extreme weather, please pay attention to our official information platforms, where we will inform you about possible program changes or, in the last resort, the suspension of programs.

Photo and video rules at the festival

You are welcome to take pictures of Balaton Sound Festival for your own entertainment, however, to take photos or videos of the acts and programs you will need written approval from the organizers. If you are filming or taking photos on behalf of a certain medium and you wish to publish them, please consult with our colleagues at the Press Office or contact them via press@balatonsound.hu! Good to know: in order to make Balaton Sound unforgettable we are constantly making sound and video recordings. You can be a lucky one and appear on some of these indestructible documentations, but we will only use your name if you sign an agreement on. However, please note that you may not have any claims for appearing on these materials (more information in the Policy).

COVID regulations

The safety of our festival-goers and artists is a top priority for us. Under current regulations, the obligation to wear a mask and restrictions on vaccinations at music and dance events have been lifted in Hungary. We closely monitor the COVID situation and will follow the official regulations of the Hungarian government.

So there is no need to wear a mask or show COVID green pass at the Festival. We suggest to bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands often 🙂

You can check the latest regulations here.

Bike storage

Bike storage will be located near the main entrance as always.

Reusable cups

In order to minimize waste, a system of reusable cup is implemented at Balaton Sound. Within the frames of this, you purchase a 0,33 l or 0,5 l reusable cup for HUF 800 (for each) and reusable shot-glass for HUF 400, which may be used for multiple consumption (ofc after cleaning). What can you do with your cup? You can take home your reusable cup as a souvenir.
If you don’t need it temporary, you can exchange it for a token (0,33 and 0,5 cup for 1 token each, 2 shot cup for 1 token, and only unharmed and empty cups are in the game) at the bars and if you need a drink, you can exchange the token for a new cup.
If you don’t need it anymore, you can exchange it to HUF 400 at the cup returning point next to the Festival’s exit (unharmed and empty 0,33 l or 0,5 l cups, max 2 at the same time. This amount will be credited either to your credit card or your wristband.

Cups from previous years cannot be exchanged for new cups.

Pets at the festival

In addition to service dogs as defined by law, guide dogs and police dogs, only pets generally considered to be tame and posing no hazard to the life, safety and health of Visitors and others may be brought to Heineken Balaton Sound Festival. It’s free of charge, when on a leash and accompanied by their owner. However, we suggest to leave them at home. If you still want to bring it, please prepare to the following conditions:

  • the pet possesses a valid certificate of vaccination attesting to rabies vaccinations in the last year,
  • the pet is identifiable through a unique identifier (visible tattoo or microchip),
  • the pet is to wear a leash, collar, muzzle and a tag with the owner’s telephone number, with the owner reachable on that number during the event.

Payment at the festival

How to top-up a wristband?

If you have already entered the event, you can simply add your wristband to the application. For this you need: a valid bank card suitable for online payment (only VISA and Mastercard), wristband + PIN code, your email address.
To be able to easily top up your wristband at the festival, get the application. After downloading the free application, follow the steps in the Wristband Upload menu item. Your top-up will be activated automatically at the next payment when your balance is too low. Or you can separately request activation of your top-up at the next payment. To do this, they must press button 7 on the terminal.
You can top up your balance via the mobile application even before the festival, so you can pay with it immediately after exchanging your wristband.

The transaction fee for uploading the wristband is HUF 700.

Top-up at a Festipay top-up point or top-up Machine

You can top up your wristband with the desired balance at the festival site, at the top-up points or from top-up machines. The minimum amount of top-up is HUF 2,000, but a maximum of HUF 390,000 can be topped up at one time. Your balance can be topped up again at any time during the event. You can top-up the wristband with cash or bank card, in both cases the top-up fee is HUF 700.

Important information: if you choose this on-site top-up (either by cash or by bank card via a terminal or top-up point), you must claim your remaining balance at the Festipay top-up point by 12:00 on July 7, 2024. If you don’t claim it back, the balance on it will be lost.

Paying at the Festival

For drinks, food and any other product you can only pay by our cash-free system.

You can pay with your topped-up wristband or/and your contactless card and any payment-enabled device (phone, smartwatch).

Pay with your contactless bank card or smartphone

Bring your contactless card with you and be one touch away from paying for everything at the festival! In addition, you can pay with your smartphone or a contactless bank card.

How to check your balance

You can check your balance in the Balaton Sound app/website in your Festival Account.

How to get the remaining balance from my wristband?

If you choose on-site topup (either with cash or card) at Festipay Top-up points , you should claim back the remaining balance at the Festipay kiosk/helpdesk until 7 July, 12:00, otherwise it will be lost.

If you choose top-up via Festival Account your remaining balance will be automatically refunded as a refund transaction after the Festival in 30 days. The refund will be fulfilled to the bank account belonging to the bank card used for the top-up. If, the bank card has been blocked, the automatic refund cannot be fulfilled. In an event of this, the complaints division of OTP Bank shall fulfil the refund, which may take more than 30 days. The balance uploaded through the Festival Account cannot be repaid in cash or by bank transfer. If by the upload the balance of the Festival Account has been charged, the not used balance will be refunded to the Festival Account. The fee for the refund is 700 HUF, which is deducted from the balance to be returned. Any balances below 700 HUF cannot be refunded. You can read more information in the Festipay User Guide.

General tickets

How does the instalment plan work exactly?

All the info on instalment plan might be found HERE.

Want to change your ticket?

You can easily do that in your Festival Account after registration!

Do you sell night tickets?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell night tickets for the festival. You shouldn’t miss the afternoon and evening parties either!

What ‘s included in the ticket price?

You can buy your tickets right away in our webshop. Please make sure you buy tickets from our webshop or from one of our official ticketing partners, otherwise we cannot guarantee the validity of your ticket.
A 5% handling fee is charged in addition to the current ticket price when purchasing your ticket online (in the webshop). This is an administration fee for online ticket purchases, the amount of which you can find out in our webshop. You can buy your tickets at the on-site ticket offices (during opening hours), in which case this administration fee will not be charged.
However, it is important to note that the on-site ticket price (the on-site gate price) may be higher than the online ticket price, so we recommend that you buy your ticket from our webshop. This will not only save you money, but also can avoid a situation where there are no tickets available (on a sold out day).

What kind of cards do you accept?

We accept the following cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron.

Can I get a refund, change or resell my tickets?

Generally speaking, we have a no-refund/ticket change policy.

Not able to join the event? Sell your ticket(s) 100% safe via our official partner Ticketswap as our ticket vouchers are not personalized so you can give the spare ticket to one of your friends or sell them.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy your tickets right away in our webshop or at the Festival Entrance. We highly recommend to get it online, as the on-site gate price is higher than at the webshop.

Please make sure you buy tickets from our webshop or from our official ticketing partner, or on Ticketswap, otherwise we cannot guarantee the validity of your ticket.

What is a boarding pass?

Getting your boarding pass will be the easiest and fastest way to enter the festival. You don’t need to prepare all your vouchers and barcodes for all pre-bought services, you will just have one code. You can get your boarding pass in your Festival Account.

What is the Festival Account? Why should I get one?

It’s the easiest and safest way to manage your tickets and to make sure that you don’t lose them before the festival starts 🙂 Moreover with the help of your festival account you can run through your festival check-list before arrivingand make connection with your Balaton Sound mobile app and the Balaton Sound website much easier!

What is needed to create a festival account?

Just use your Facebook or Google mail account or just your email. You will also need a password! Click here to create a festival account!

My payment was declined. What can be wrong?

In case the online purchase was declined first make sure:

  • your card is supported for online transactions,
  • online purchase is not prohibited by the card provider,
  • you have the sufficient amount for the transaction and there is no purchase limit,
  • your credit card has not expired.
  • You can also try the following steps:
    1. Please retry the payment process and double-check the data you have entered! Typos can happen.
    2. In case of a transaction failure, we recommend to try using an alternative credit card.
    3. Alternatively you can try purchasing the ticket from our Ticketing partner
    4. Should the transaction continue to fail you might want to get in touch with your credit card company. They will need the following data (you can find them in the error message):
  • transaction ID number
  • 3-digit error code.

What do I have to know about the wristband?

You will get a wristband at the entrance of the festival. You need to have a valid ticket and have to go through the check-in process toget your wristband. Wristbands are only valid if you wear them on your wrist and in case they are damaged, glued, cut, etc. they will be considered invalid. Wristbands cannot be replaced or transferred to another person.

Do I need a festival account?

To buy a ticket you don’t need to have a festival account, but we highly recommend it as it has many features that can be useful through your Balaton Sound experience.

I am a SOUNDer with disability. Is there any specific ticket I should buy?

Nope, you should choose from the regular ticket types.

Do children need tickets?

The smallest SOUNDers are welcome to Balaton Sound as well!

Children under the age of 11 may visit the festival free of charge, although they are required to wear a child wristband. The adult accompanying the child is obliged to indicate the child’s name and their own phone number on the wristband. Child wristbands are available during the entry process. Children under the age of 14 may only enter the Event if accompanied by an adult in full possession of their faculties, and may remain at Balaton Sound only if accompanied by an adult in full possession of their faculties.

How many tickets / passes can I buy at a time?

99 🙂

I haven’t received an email with my ticket. What’s wrong?

It can take a maximum of 24 hours for the link to arrive, in case it did not happen, please try the following steps:

    1. Check your SPAM/promotions folder in your mailbox. Your activation link arrives from the following email address: ticket@balatonsound.hu
    2. Log in to your Festival Account, where you can access your tickets easily.
    3. You might have mistyped your email address. If you think this is the case, please write an email to the following address: ticket@balatonsound.hu

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

You can easily transfer your tickets to another Festival Account holder in your Festival Account: just go to the “My tickets and wristbands” menu and click “Select tickets to send to a friend”. Select the transferable ticket(s) and add the name and email address of your friend. The recipient will get an automatic email with some instructions. Until the tickets are not accepted by your friend as per the instructions, you can still change your mind and cancel the transfer. This is the safest way to manage your tickets: for example, if you bought several tickets, this function is the best way to distribute them among your friends.

If you want to safely sell your tickets, we recommend to use Ticketswap.

Camping and accommodation

How to validate your camping/accommodation ticket?

All tickets and passes (vouchers) can be exchanged for wristbands at the Main Entrance. Important: if you come to the caravan campsite, you can validate your camping ticket at the festival parking zone on Szent István street.

I have a ticket for Lakeside Camping. What sould I do?

Due to technical reasons, we have merged the Soundville and Lakeside Campings. If you have ticket to the Lakeside Camping, it will be valid for the Soundville Camping, offering all the Lakeside facilities. You can also reclaim the price difference between the two campsites. Regarding this, we sent a personal notification via email to all concerned, if you did not receive it, please contact Customer Service.

Are there any extra accommodation option besides regular camping? ​

Heineken Balaton Sound has several extra accommodation options. Installed tents and accommodation packages are also available, check the webshop for their availability! Important: our accommodation options don’t include the camping ticket, you must purchase it separately. In addition, Zamárdi also offers plenty of accommodation.

Camping opening times

Campsite opening hours: July 2, 2:00 p.m. – July 7, 12:00 p.m.

What are the camping rules?

All rules can be found by clicking here.

I forgot something home from my camping set

You left something at home? Then look for the camping accessories vendor at the Szent István road next to the basic camping. You can get a tent, sleeping bag, pillow and many other useful essentials.

Can I bring in food & drinks & tobacco?

You cannot bring alcoholic beverages into the festival. You can bring one PET bottle containing a maximum of 2.5 litres of bottled water or another non-alcoholic beverage. You can bring empty plastic jugs too. You can bring food or tobacco under retail quantities. (Regard to tobacco products, “retail quantity” exceeds 2 cartons (20 boxes) of cigarettes, 10 boxes of snuss, 10 boxes of cigarillos and 10 cigars (regardless of size).

​Fire / Gas / Campfire / Stove

Please keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to light campfires at the entire festival area! It is also forbidden to bring in gas-cylinders. We have plenty food options available for you on-site.

Travel information

​How to get to Balaton Sound?

The festival can be reached by car, train, bus and taxi, as well as with our transfer service, which is detailed on the website.

How to get to Balaton Sound by taxi?

Our official taxi parter is Főtaxi, their taxi stop is located between the Station and Kecskeméti Street. Download their mobile app from here to order a cab or catch one at the taxi stop. Rates are fixed, you can see them here.
You can also find local taxi drivers on-site. Pay attention to only get into a taxi with the official Balaton Sound taxi sticker.

Parking at the Festival

Parking is not allowed in the streets around the festival. You have to pay in most parking lots, however, free and paid parking is also available near the festival, at the festival parking zone, on the south side of Szent István street. If you are staying in Zamárdi and arriving by car, please leave the car in the designated parking lot of your accommodation.

How to get to Balaton Sound by bike or scooter?

If you can, bike or scooter to the festival, or bring it with you on the train/car, maybe rent one and you’ll be free as a bird. This is the easiest and, by the way, the greenest way to get to us, and you can even lock it up safely at the free bicycle storage next to the Main Entrance (bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the festival area).

I want to arrive by train

There are several trains from Budapest railway stations to Zamárdi. From the train station, the festival area can be reached with approx. a 20-minute walk, but you can also come from the station by taxi.

Services at Balaton Sound

Official Merchandise Products

There is an Official Merchandise Shop at the festival area and a lot of cool items are waiting for you.

Lockers & Storages

Wanna lock your things to a hassle-free party? Leave your stuff in the lockers and storages! Within the festival area, we operate a luggage storage facility next to the Main Entrance.

Money exchange and ATM

Remember, you cannot pay with cash here. Currency exchange and ATM are located next to the Main Entrance within the festival area.

Tobacco shop

Next to the Main Entrance, there is a National Tobacco Shop inside the festival area.

Customer Service

Customer Service is located next to the Main Entrance, outside the festival area together with the Lost and Found. You can also contact us online via our customer service e-mail adresses during the festival.

Where to charge my phone?

LIFESAVER is waiting for you at two locations with plenty of power banks, which you can exchange for a new, charged one as many times as you want!

Where to eat outside the Festival?

Start your day with a latte or a croissant at the best local cafés and restaurants! Find the cool Heineken Balaton Sound special offers at these local venues.
Faya Bakery, Balázs Bisztró, Parti Fagyizó, Pizza Pazza, PartOn Bistro, Rozmaring és Tipli Büfé

Where to eat and what about food intolerance?

We have plenty of options where to eat. There are 3 foodcourts and many Hot-dog & pizza stands on-site and also an ALDI Grill. When it comes to diet, we are fully prepared vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, soi-free, red meat free options are available).

Getting a refund

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

You can easily transfer your tickets to another Festival Account holder in your Festival Account: just go to the “My tickets and wristbands” menu and click “Select tickets to send to a friend”. Select the transferable ticket(s) and add the name and email address of your friend. The recipient will get an automatic email with some instructions. Until the tickets are not accepted by your friend as per the instructions, you can still change your mind and cancel the transfer. This is the safest way to manage your tickets: for example, if you bought several tickets, this function is the best way to distribute them among your friends. In case you can’t find your ticket, log out of your account and log in again. If you want to safely sell your tickets, we recommend to use Ticketswap.

Can I get a refund if I cannot participate in the Festival?

Generally speaking, we have a no-refund/ticket change policy. However, in certain cases (e.g. cancellation due to a Force Majeure event) a full refund may (excl. 3% processing fee) apply. Check here our GTC for further information. Not able to join the event? Sell your ticket(s) 100% safe via our official partner Ticketswap. As our ticket vouchers are not personalized you can feel free to give the spare ticket to one of your friends or sell them.

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