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Balaton Sound

Main Stage VIP - Get lost in our Vintage Circus

The renewed luxury VIP featured a new design inspired by a vintage Hollywood theme. Guests enjoyed comfortable couches and extravagant decorations, as well as, an exclusive stand that overlooked the Main Stage. There was a photo wall, make-up lounge, and massage area. Basic services included a merch shop, guarded lockers, restroom facilities and food stands. Guests were greeted with a welcome drink and fresh fruit. Following Main Stage performances there were exclusive parties held in the VIP area with surprise show elements.


The VIP Shore - Chillax, party, or take a dip

This new location tied the Main VIP area to the Lake Balaton shore through an overpass. The area featured canopy sunbeds, white sofas, and an area built directly over the water. There was a cocktail bar, free towels, as well as, a DJ set and beach parties every day until dawn.


Dreher Arena VIP - Party hard in a classy way

This new VIP was located on a lifted area in the middle of the arena, offering an undisturbed view of the stage. It had a separate entrance, comfortable couches and restroom facilities.


Elrow VIP - Welcome to Paradise!

The VIP entrance of the festival led guests to the brand new elrow VIP. With a Rousseau effect and exotic jungle design, this area was decorated with trees, vines, and plants. There were DJ sets, unique lighting and sounds, as well as a stand located next to the elrow stage, where guests could enjoy shows uninterrupted.