The program’s goal is to give safety, heath, technical advice at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, off-site and on-site presence advice from recognized professionals and through the assistance function which is available in Heineken Balaton Sound application.

Safety and protection are important, and also needs to be a focus on the cause and prevention of harassment and assault. All allegations of sexual harassment, assault, violence at all, violance against minorities will be taken seriously, acted upon promptly and investigated. 

Be careful about respecting other people's identity, not to prejudge their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Consent refers to the act of giving permission or agreeing to engage in a particular action. In the context of sexual interactions, it entails an individual willingly agreeing to participate in any sexual activity. It is important to note that any sexual contact lacking consent is deemed unlawful, regardless of the age of the individuals involved. If someone proceeds with a sexual act despite the absence of consent, it qualifies as sexual assault or rape. It's crucial to remember that you should never feel obligated or coerced into any form of sexual activity. It is perfectly acceptable to assert your right to decline or alter your decision.

While prioritizing safety and protection is crucial, it is equally important to emphasize the identification and prevention of harassment and assault.

We encourage festival goers to play an active role in promoting safety by being an active bystander.

The 5 Ds of how to be an active bystander:

Safety first instructions Safety first instructions

Directly intervene in the situation. On occasions, there might be a desire to address harassment by explicitly denouncing the inappropriate behavior and confronting the person responsible for causing harm. However, it is essential to exercise caution when engaging in direct intervention due to potential risks involved. The individual engaging in harassment may redirect their abusive behavior towards the intervening bystander or escalate the situation in alternative ways.

Take an indirect approach to deescalate the situation and interrupt what is happening. Like get in the way, continue what you were doing, but get in between the person harassing and the person being harassed.

Get help from someone else to intervene. Like say to your Delegate: “I think the person with the cap is making the one in the leather jacket uncomfortable. Can you help me get them out of the situation? Can you Distract by standing in between the two while I go ask if ‘Leather Jacket’ is okay?”

The situation as it is happening. ALWAYS ask the person who was harassed what they want to do with your recording and/or notes and NEVER post it online or use it without their permission. 

After the incident has happened check in with the person who was harmed. Ask them if they’re okay, and let them know you saw what happened and it wasn’t okay and ask if there’s any way you can support them, offer to help them make a report if they want to


We are proud to say Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) 2020. For that, we cannot thank our volunteers enough, as it is something we couldn’t have been able to achieve without them!


To raise greater awareness physical and mental about sexual violence, drug abuse, personal safety & security, assault, harassment, we asked 3 Hungarian experts (in the field of psychology, toxicology, crime prevention) and a dj duo (expert in the nightlife) to help us. The aim is to cover all the topics festivalgoers are likely interested in, and might need education about to have a pleasant, predictable, safe and free from ‘bad surprises’ Festival environment.

Please see here their advice of our Safety First Ambassadors.

Dr Krisztina Hevesi

sexual psychologist, academics at ELTE PPK University

Sexual psychologist, lecturer of ELTE University (Faculty of Education and Psychology). Sees positive sexuality as a part of a fulfilling life at all ages - with a focus on providing young people with appropriate information and on maintaining high levels of intimacy in long-term relationships.

5 Pro Tips before the Festival

  • Emotional/mental safety is as important as physical. Agree with your friends to regularly check on each other during the festival, even if you are not at the same place. It’s really important to have some to talk through what’s happening with you.
  • Recharge your body before the event: relax, get rest, fill up your energy with vitamins & exercises, and sleep enough.
  • Have in mind that your daily routine and rhythm will change: it will be more intense with emotional stress.
  • Try to get familiar with the location to avoid being lost and move with confidence in the crowd, and find your way back to your accommodation easily. Map can be found here, or in the mobile application.
  • Always keep your phone charged and check out the Safety First app! If you see a person who is not so well, be sure to know how to use the app - and use it!

5 Pro tips during the Fesztival

  • Be the one who asks around how everyone is doing, if they feel safe. If not, help them or ask for help.
  • Do not flirt/approach someone who won’t click or is intoxicated. Respect others boundaries, don't cross them! Under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, it's harder to decide whether you really want to initiate sexual contact with someone. Initiating sexual contact with someone when they are very intoxicated, and less likely/unable to give consent or resist. Don’t take more alcohol or any other drugs that can impair your judgment.
  • Consent means agreeing to do something. When it comes to sex, this means someone agreeing to take part in a sexual activity. Any form of sexual contact without consent is illegal. If you do not give consent and a person still engages in a sexual act, this is rape or sexual assault. It’s ok to say no or change your mind. If you or any of your friends experience any kind of sexual assault, report it immediately.
  • Sexual assault is never ok. Turn immediately to the police or organizers. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen to take alcohol or other drugs, you will be listened to and given the support you need.
  • So again, if you experience this kind of behavior, you should report it and feel confident that you will be believed and supported. Time is the essence, so that they can take actions as allegations of sexual harassment, assault and violence will be taken seriously, acted upon promptly and investigated. You can report it to Safety First Volunteer, member of the security team, medics, even organizer stewards, police officer or via Balaton Sound app’s Panic Button.

+1 After Tip:

  • You may miss the festival atmosphere and your surroundings may feel unstimulated! Keep in mind that this is natural. If there is such a thing as post-holiday "depression", this is also true for festivals!

Dr Gábor Zacher

physician, toxicologist

Hungarian physician specializing intoxicology, Chief Medical Officer of the Toxicology Department in the Péterfy Sándor Utcai Hospital, Budapest. Addictions are nowadays parts of our life. They find us, surround us and won’t let us go. But what is in the background? Helps us to orient ourselves in the labyrinth of our addictions.

5 Pro Tip before the Festival:

  • Make a plan if it’s possible, arrive in a relaxed state
  • Don’t pack everything on the day you travel because you will surely leave something at home
  • If you are in the sensitive age when your parents act like they are the sword of Damocles, prepare them: let them know where you are headed, what are you planning to do, etc. Believe us, it will make things much smoother and easier for them – and for you, too!
  • Sunscreen, cap, hat or scarf – it is no good getting burned (in the sun)
  • If you are taking medication regularly, don’t forget to bring them with you

5 Pro tips during the Fesztival

  • To avoid trouble best is to prevent it: don’t accept anything from a stranger, don’t leave your drink unattended! However, if you already had enough not to be able to pay attention to such things, and you feel something unfamiliar (it is more difficult to talk, to walk, your vision is blurry, you suddenly feel sleepy), ask help immediately from the nearest Safety First Volunteer, security guard or helper – they know what to do in a situation like this.
  • Keep an eye on your body. If you notice any unusual symptoms, or if you've had so much to drink that you can't pay attention to it, and you feel anything unusual (difficulty in speaking or walking, blurred vision, sudden drowsiness), get help immediately from the nearest security guard, Safety First volunteer, organizer or via the Panic button on the mobile app - they'll know what to do. Always be honest with medics and helper teams about what you have consumed so that they know how best to help you.
  • Have you been stuck with a needle? There is only a slight chance that you caught some contagious disease (or that you stuck with a needle), but check in at the health centre as soon as possible.
  • You don’t have to call an ambulance at the Festival Area, it is the job of the helpers (Safety First Volunteers, Medical staff) if they think it is necessary to do so.
  • If you or any of your buddies don’t feel well, and did not take the usual amount, get help.

+1 After Tip:

  • If you take our advice, you go home with fantastic experiences, in a good mood after having a great time, and next year you will feel that you want to be here again. If you can, give yourself a few extra 1-2 days to relax, because the festival days are sure to drain your energy

Dr István Jenő Molnár

Safety Expert

I am the strategy director of the Institute of Drug Research, an assistant lecturer of the National University of Public Service, the vice-president of the Association for Safe and Liveable Cities, a lawyer, crime prevention expert and ex-officer. In the last fifteen years, I have been working on the fields of law enforcement and crime prevention; my hobby and calling is child and youth protection. This task is a great opportunity because while giving my answers and advice, I can direct the attention of those young and ready to party to the fact that you can have fun while realizing the importance of security awareness.


  • If you are planning to spend several days at the Festival in a tent, think wisely about what do you really need. Unnecessary and expensive things are better left at home!
  • Make a checklist about all your devices – even better if you take photos of them, too! This comes quite handy in case you become a victim of robbery – then you don’t have to think hard about what you brought with yourself. The officer will surely praise you if your checklist also contains the specific identification numbers of your devices, such as the IMEI number of your phone.
  • It is worth to insure your valuables – this is available only for a few thousand HUF.
  • Please consider using public transport. If you arrive by car, don’t leave anything in it, and park in a safe environment. Oh, and if you are bored with the party, don’t even think of driving under the influence!
  • Every festival is a great experience, and it is difficult not to spread the good news. If your home remains without any supervision, and have an open profile on social media platforms, please don’t post that your flowers are to go without water for a week!

5 Pro tips during the Festival

  • If possible, don’t leave anything in the tent – at least not those things that are not covered in your insurance policy. Please, make sure to leave them in our safes. Should a theft occur, seek help immediately from the officers on site, and cancel your card, your phone or other electronic devices!
  • Don't leave your drinks unattended, if you can, keep an eye on who's buying and what is offered you to drink. If you feel strange after a few sips, get help immediately!
  • Many conflicts arise from not respecting the requests of the safety personnel. If the signs and the safety personnel tell you not to, please, don’t climb up on it, don’t jump over it and don’t enter where it is forbidden to do so, especially not in a drunken or dazed state.
  • Please, keep in mind that you visit the Festival to entertain and relax. Be patient, happy and bear in mind that in the huge crowd, or while standing the line, if someone steps on your feet, it is not necessarily out of malice, and you should not start communication by a slap.
  • It might seem funny to take a photo of someone in a public restroom of shower, but photos are personal data. Don’t even think about taking one, storing one or forwarding one without the other half’s permission. If you do so, you might get involved in a criminal procedure.


  • If you arrive as part of a company, and the number of those leaving is not the same as those who arrived, please, be suspicious! Don’t explain it by thinking that your friend just left earlier than usual! Take care of each other during the Festival as well, don’t lose each other and please don’t leave anyone behind in a drunken or dazed state! Not even if your company’s motto is „Ill weeds grow apace”.

Viktória Metzker & Yamina

dj duo: Tits Gang

The Tits Gang is a joint project of the 2 number one female local DJs, Viktória Metzker and Yamina. For the second year in a row, we have been featured at the biggest festivals, including of course Balaton Sound, so it was a no-brainer to support the Safety First campaign again this year. Together. We have been part of the Hungarian nightlife for years, meeting the youth generation and their party culture from an external view (but at the same time very closely). We think, that we have a huge responsibility: we are influencers with a massive number of followers on social media, and we are the ones who actually create the atmosphere, vibe of a party. Many young people follow our everyday life and actions, and many of them are girls who look up to us as role models. We’d like earn their respect and educate them how to party safely. This is why the Safety First project is important to us.


  • Check your documents validity (passport, ID or driving license that is needed to check-in to the Festival Area. Or in case you need to identify yourself for the police.
  • Get to know when and where your favorite artist is performing, go to the stage early to avoid crowded situations on the way there or in front of the stage.
  • It's a good idea to put enough money onto your credit card the day before the festival, or top-up your balance to your wristband prior the event to avoid queues at the top-up points.
  • Pay attention to hygiene :)
  • bring medicine, painkillers, condoms - you'll need them all :D

5 Pro tips during the Fesztival

  • The first and most important thing is to be conscious. Let's party, but with limits!
  • Never accept drugs or alcohol from strangers.
  • Keep an eye on your company, your friends. One of you should always be sober in case someone would go crazy and wasted.
  • Never go home alone, always with a friend or someone you know instead, especially if you are drunk.
  • Pay attention to hygiene, particularly at a multi-day festival. It's worth taking a bath every day :)


  • Take enough time for healing and rest.


To create more buzz around the urgency of taking all topics seriously among teens and Gen Z and Alpha we cooperate with celebrities and artists, to spread the message. Please welcome our Campaign Enthusiasts.


Dj, producer

"Listen to the music, find your own genre and then you don't need anything else to feel happy."

Meet him here: TBD

Gabó Pumped

Influencer, Dj

He's keen on to do good. Ween it comes to the gym and even if not.

Meet him here: TBD



Jauri is one of the country's trendiest DJs and the youngest permanent host of Radio

Meet him here: TBD

Kitti Albrechtovics

gamer, influencer

Well-known member of the Hungarian gamer community, who besides entertainment also tries to cover important topics in her live broadcasts.

Meet her here: TBD



Content producer, TV personality and gamer. Oliver Papp, best known as PSG Ogli 7, is always up for a good party!

Meet him here: TBD


Heineken Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign kicked off in 2018, when it was a volunteer program. Due to its success, it will continue as a permanent service at the festival. In the program, we are working with a team of international and Hungarian volunteers, who will all take part in a 3-day training session right before the festival.


There are two types of volunteers: those who will work in pairs at three Safety First points at the festival site, and others that will patrol and monitor areas connected to each of the three points. The volunteers’ main task will be to act as a “third eye” to health, technical and security service personnel on-site, and to help complement their work in making the festival as safe as possible. Volunteers will work in 6-hour shifts, always providing a permanent presence throughout the festival.


We are waiting for young applicants who love the vibrant life of festivals, but besides partying they would like to do something for a good reason and make the festival a safer place to stay for everyone.

  • speak English and Hungarian fluently and are enthusiastic and proactive - speaking another foreign language is an advantage!
  • are socially sensitive, willing to help, and like Heineken Balaton Sound
  • have proficient knowledge about healthcare, or are med student, psychology student or just would like to help others


  • 3 day training led by professional experts
  • work experience at a festival, adventures, and new friends
  • Safety First merch (T-shirt / sweater)
  • camping access at the staff campsite
  • a hot meal once a day
Safety first